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Cyber Civility Curriculum

ICC Cyber Civility 2Cyber Civility Curriculum: An Interactive Manual on Internet Safety

WORDE Specialists have developed this curriculum with the valuable input and guidance of students who participate in our weekly Global Citizens Forum (GCF), an after-school leadership development program that provides youth communication and conflict transformation skills, and is facilitated by counselors from the International Cultural Center. This youth-led methodology ensures that the topics presented are relevant and engaging to students. 

Click here to access WORDE’s Cyber Civility Curriculum 

Curriculum Objectives

This curriculum was developed to equip teachers and youth group facilitators to:

  • Guide students on using social media and other digital tools in a
    responsible, respectful manner;
  • Inform students of potential threats associated with online activity;
  • Promote help-seeking behaviors to mitigate the threat of intimidation, harassment or abuse; and
  • Reduce vulnerability of youth to online predators, violent extremist recruiters and other individuals with harmful objectives.


There are nine lessons in this curriculum.

  • Part A explores issues surrounding cyber civility, online safety, and the negative consequences of improper use of digital media.
  • Part B explores solutions and guides youth towards becoming effective and positive communicators. Part B also provides recommendations on how youth can support their peers to combat cyber crises.


Cultivating a Cyber Ethos–understanding that there is no distinction between an individual’s physical and cyber identity– is the underlying message that binds the tenets of this curriculum. Our hope is that students will form healthy online relationships, protecting themselves against online predators, and will become “up-standers” who know when and how to intervene in the life of an individual suffering from a cyber-crisis. The curriculum also empowers students to create a powerful digital footprint they put forward into the world that creates a ripple effect of cyber civility in their social networks—based on an ethos of compassion and social justice.  All these skills reflect the qualities of an extraordinary Global Citizen.

Digital Outputs

To supplement the teachers’ manual, WORDE has developed a multi-media PowerPoint presentation to guide classroom discussion. The PowerPoint includes videos as well as youth-created digital outputs of our podcasting workshop, blogging workshop and student-produced skits against stereotypes.

The digital outputs from these workshops were also featured at the 2015 Youth Media Festival.