International Cultural Center

JAMmArTt Viewing and Reception with Artists: Th, Feb 21 from 7-9 p.m.

The International Cultural Center invites you to A workshop with the artists of Jews and Muslims Making Art Together
Jews and Muslims making Art together (JAMmARTt) is a project that came about as an idea of one person who reached out to another and another and eventually, with the help of the Muslim Community Center and Tikvat Israel synagogue the individuals bonded as a group. In 2008 they began to plan and develop the project. Their labor of love was completed in 2010. Currently on display at the ICC, we invite you to this workshop to interact with the artists and to learn how they used art to motivate social change.

Synopsis of JAMmARTt:
The Art consists of seven free-standing structures. Each piece bears a mix of art and calligraphy that expresses the culture and values of Islam and Judaism, with a special focus on commonalities. When all seven pieces are placed in line, the art is designed to appear as a dome, a form important to both faiths.

Event Description:
The JAMmARTt artists will share the history of how the project came to fruition, what they gained from the experience, and how they see the use of art as an important vehicle for expressing social harmony, pluralism and mutual respect. They will also field questions and feedback from the audience on their own experience with collaborative art or comments they wish to share on the idea.