International Cultural Center

Interracial/interfaith Dialogue on Racism: Seeing the Divine in Each Other

On Thursday, November 3, the Faith Community Working Group (FCWG) hosted an Interracial/Interfaith Dialogue on Racism: Seeing the Divine in One Another. This dialogue engaged people in difficult conversations leading to a strong sense of solidarity and deep appreciation.

People left with a song in their heart, “Don’t Let the Circle be Broken,” thanks to the diversity we enjoyed, the unifying power of love and the musical gifts of Rabbi David Shneyer. Rev. Dr. Carol Flett trained and led facilitators for small diverse groups where people could share one-on-one.

Thank you so much to all of you who attended and made this event a success!!

Our next Interracial/Interfaith Dialogue will be on January 3 at the Civic Building in Silver Spring. Please save the date!

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