International Cultural Center

Courageous Conversations Workshop at Northwood High School

ICC Crossroads co-hosted its latest installment of Courageous Conversations, an intergenerational workshop tackling issues of bullying/discrimination, on Thursday, December 15th at Northwood High School in Silver Spring, MD. The workshop was held in partnership with the Gaithersburg Beloved Community Initiative and the Northwood High School Wellness Center.

WORDE Senior Fellow, Nouf Bazaz, moderated the event that began with a panel of speakers including a survivor of a Japanese-American internment camp, a Holocaust survivor and an LGBT activist. For the second half of the event, students and panelists formed small group discussions where students shared personal experiences of bullying and prejudice. The event concluded with everyone sharing advice and support including, “Stay true to yourself,” “Know your history,” and “You need to back your convictions with courage.”

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