International Cultural Center

1st Interracial/interfaith Dialogue on Racism: Seeing the Divine in Each Other

“Seeing the Divine in Each Other” – the first interracial/interfaith dialogue on racism in Montgomery County took place at the Muslim Community Center in Silver Spring on Wed. evening Sept. 28.  Fifty-three faith leaders and leaders of faith-based organizations registered and participated in a 2-hour program.

Small, diverse groups of six each met with a trained facilitator, and engaged in anti-racism exercises that raised their awareness of prejudice, racism and xenophobia in their own lives, and in our communities. The Rev. Dr. Carol Flett trained 18 volunteer facilitators to use the exercises, many of which are found in the national Episcopal Church’s Anti-Racism program, “Seeing the Face of God in Each Other”.

Thirty participants completed evaluation forms, and included:

  • “This meeting was one of the best interfaith gatherings I have ever attended.”
  • “I believe it is our civic duty to bring the community together through peace and harmony.” 
  • “I was inspired by the openness of the participants to share about issues that are generally hushed.” 
  • “I hope that serious resources are dedicated to this work in MoCo.” 
  • “I learned that universal truths form a common thread through all faiths”.