International Cultural Center

Transforming Offense into an Opportunity for Dialogue

The International Cultural Center organized a workshop “Transforming Offense into an Opportunity for Dialogue” on Saturday, December 1, from 3 to 5 pm.

“Transforming Offense into an Opportunity for Dialogue”
with Dr. Qamar ul-Huda, Senior Program Officer, Religion and Peacemaking Center, US Institute of Peace

After worldwide protests erupted in reaction to the incendiary video insulting the Prophet of Islam, the International Cultural Center (ICC) presented a timely workshop for the Muslim community.  The workshop was designed to inform and engage our community on peaceful means of response to offense and addressed the following topics:

What are effective responses to offensive behavior?
How can individuals and communities turn insulting offenses into productive opportunities for dialogue?
How do we identify and implement Qur’anic values of peaceful conflict resolution?
How do parents, students and community members engage in meaningful discussion when an offense occurs?

The ICC is delighted to have Dr. Qamar-ul Huda, a scholar of Islam and a Religion and Conflict Management expert at the U.S. Institute of Peace to lead the workshop. Dr. Huda is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Georgetown University’s Conflict Resolution Program and editor of Crescent and Dove: Peace and Conflict Resolution in Islam. His area of expertise is Islamic theology, ethics, comparative ethics, the language of violence, conflict resolution and non-violence in contemporary Islamic communities.