International Cultural Center

Is Someone Recruiting Our Kids? – Sun., Feb. 7   

With over 900 active investigations against suspected ISIS-inspired operatives and other homegrown violent extremists – the threat of recruitment and radicalization of our youth is greater than ever before. WORDE invites you to join this timely event.

Christian Picciolini
Author, Romantic Violence, Memoirs of an American Skinhead
Mubin Shaikh
Author, Undercover Jihadi: Inside the Toronto 18, Al Qaeda Inspired, Homegrown, Terrorism in the West
Nouf Bazaz
International Cultural Center’s Crossroads Program Director
Author signed books will be available!
Open to the public.
Sunday, February 7, 2016 from 4 to 6:30pm
Light dinner provided
19650 Club House Rd, Ste 205
Montgomery Village
MD, 20886
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