International Cultural Center

Extremism in Our Communities: Event Recap


Oct 2015



The Extremism in Our Communities event held at the Idara Jafaria Mosque in Burtonville, MD was an enlightening discussion which ranged from how to intervene in the lives of vulnerable individuals drawn to white supremacy movements, to what we can do in our everyday lives to reduce intolerance and alienation which leads to violent extremism.

Sheikh Abdul Jalil, resident scholar of Idara Jafaria, had excellent advice for the audience. First, he reminded parents to communicate regularly with their children about their friends and activities, so they were not surprised by sudden changes in behavior and could catch problems early on. He also encouraged families to carefully choose who to send their children to in order to learn religion, to ensure they learn a tolerant, pluralistic interpretation of Islam.

Thank you to everyone who came out to listen and participate!

Below are pictures taken during the event, as well as a video for anyone who missed it or wants to listen again: