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Community Feedback

Testimonials related to ICC Crossroads program:

The following testimonial is from a Montgomery County Public School teacher of an adolescent refugee:

“Your timely responses and attention to his emotional issues may have been ‘life-saving’ for him. I noticed a big difference in his behavior in and out of my class.  He is back ‘with us’ and trying to engage again daily!”

A caseworker from a local refugee resettlement program in regards to another adolescent refugee:

“I just want to say that words cannot describe how grateful I am that you & your coworkers are able to help with this case!”

Feedback from ICC Crossroads clients:

“It gave me my life back. I am in control of my life, and I enjoy every moment.”

“My counselor understood my situation, and worked hard with me to improve it.”

“During my visit, I felt as if I was being heard and that I was in a nice place.”

“My counselor was very understanding of my issues, I felt very comfortable talking to her. She helped me develop ways to cope with my negative thoughts and how to shift my perspective. She also pointed out my positive qualities that I really needed to acknowledge. I greatly appreciate all her help.”

Testimonials from our Youth Against Hunger (YAH) volunteers and event staff:

Louisa Quittman, YAH Volunteer:

I’m so pleased that my family gets to be part of the ICC’s Youth Against Hunger program.  More than helping people in our community, we really get to feel part of our community.  The ICC team and everyone who participates is really a warm, welcoming group that truly builds the strength of our community.

Volunteers at #YouthAgainstHunger #MLKDayofService

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A volunteer who was grateful his dad brought him to #YouthAgainstHunger #MLKDayofService

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Volunteers at #YouthAgainstHunger #MLKDayofService

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Arielle Singleton, YAH vent Staff:

I moved to this area a year ago and began participating in Youth Against Hunger as a way to connect my interest in multi-cultural volunteerism. My experiences with the staff, students, and families have been more than positive and have made me feel at home.

Dara Greenwald, YAH Participant from Kehilat Shalom:

“I volunteered for the ICC in the Youth Against Hunger program for my Bat Mitzvah Project. Making sandwiches with all kinds of people from all ethnic backgrounds was great, being able to work together without judgment to help. It is a great way to meet people from the community and to build teamwork.”