International Cultural Center


ICC is a community center where people of diverse backgrounds can come together to engage in community building programs, social action projects and educational programs built to promote pluralism and social cohesion based on mutual respect and harmonious coexistence.


  • Promote the participation of individuals and families with various ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds in civic engagement, cross-cultural and interfaith dialogue, and community service.
  • Develop a vibrant community of engaged citizens with the resources to peacefully mitigate any social and political conflict through effective cross-cultural approaches.
  • Decrease a culture of misunderstandings, fear and violence.


Realizing that real action and change must take place at the community level, in 2011 WORDE established the International Cultural Center (ICC). The establishment of this center, located in a 10,000 square foot facility in Gaithersburg, Maryland, has given WORDE the wonderful opportunity to transform policy into action.

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The Crossroads Program provides culturally proficient counseling and access to social services for Montgomery County residents (with low to moderate incomes).

On Friday October 6, 2017 WORDE Senior Fellow Nouf Bazaz presented at the 18th annual SCUP Conference, “Embracing Diversity: All Means All!” Speaking in two morning sessions, she discussed avenues to improve care for under-served populations, including the growing Muslim American community in Montgomery County, MD.  Her presentation highlighted statistics and anecdotes of how bullying and discrimination […]

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The ICC’s dynamic community building programs are designed to foster mutual respect for various cultural and ethnic traditions, while developing new friendships and avenues for collaboration.

On June 22, 2017, WORDE hosted an interfaith iftaar (a meal to break a fast) at its International Cultural Center (ICC). The evening was a special opportunity for WORDE to express its gratitude towards many of our friends and colleagues whom we have had the pleasure of working with over the past several years! Guests […]

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Over the last year, youth and families from the Greater Washington DC area have participated in a range of activities at the ICC that promote social action through service-learning projects.

With the support from the Episcopal Church of the Ascension, Silver Spring, we were able to create 37 backpacks filled with school supplies. 30 of these were donated to the Stepping Stones Shelter and 7 were donated among the local refuge families. Thank you for your generous donations!

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Attend hands-on workshops, seminars and town hall discussions with policymakers, analysts and academics on critical issues that affect our community such as conflict resolution, domestic violence, and the impact of violence on our youth.

On Sunday, October 1,  World Organization for Resource Development and Education and International Cultural Center in partnership with the Church of the Ascension, Gaithersburg and Kahilat Shalom, organized a coping and resiliency workshop for teens. The diverse group of students represented a generation that is all too familiar with mass shootings, terrorist attacks, refugee crises, natural disasters, xenophobia, bullying […]

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